Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

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Fond du Lac is located in east-central Wisconsin at the south end of Lake Winnebago. It is less than a 2 hour drive to Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and many more thriving communities which make Fond du Lac an exceptional city to live in.

 Founded: June 6, 1836           Population: 42,000 and climbing

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Government BuildingLocal Government

The city of Fond du Lac is a council-manager form of government which consists of 7 elected council members. Fond du Lac is the county seat for Fond du Lac county.

Main StreetShopping

Downtown Fond du Lac provides the community with an abundance of stores, restaurants and specialty shops. The Forest Mall on the west side of the city provides an excellent shopping experience.  Major department stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Fleet-Farm, Home Depot, Menards, Kohls, Younkers, Sears, Shopko). Supermarkets surround the city and some are located within mini-strip malls.

Fond du Lac has 20 parks which have either playground equipment, tennis courts, swimming pools or skating rinks, etc. Lake Winnebago is known for its excellent walleye and perch and is known as the" Sturgeon Capitol of the World".


Health Facilities


Aurora Health Center
210 Wisconsin American Dr.
Hwy. 23 East
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Phone: (920) 907-7000


City Phone Directory

Assessment 929-3268 Engineering 929-3338
Attorney 929-3329 Fire and Ambulance 929-3235
Collections 929-3256 City Garage 929-2929
City Clerk 929-3250 Public Library 929-7080
City Manager 929-3320 Parks 929-2950
Community Development 929-3310 Personnel 929-3322
Inspections 929-3275 Police Department 929-3211
Planning Redevelopment 929-3310 Purchasing 929-3358
Senior Center 929-2940 Waste Treatment 929-2955
Transit 929-2935 Water Utility 929-3260
City Comptroller 929-3350    

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Administrative Offices:   Courts – Clerk of Courts:  
Corporation Counsel 929-3150 Alimony & Support 929-3045
County Board Chairman 929-3155 Civil & Family 929-3034
County Executive 929-3155 Criminal 929-3041
Finance-Accounting 929-3124 Juvenile Clerk 929-3042
Maintenance Office 929-3160 Jury Clerk 929-6899
Personnel 929-3143 Juvenile Jury Assistant 929-3734
Purchasing 929-3143 Ordinance Non-traffic 929-3186
    Small Claims 929-3032
Child Support Agency 929-3305 Traffic 929-3083
Child Support Enforcement 929-3057 Register of Probate 929-3083
Airport 922-6000 District Attorney 929-3048
    Emergency Government 929-2911
Community Program:   Executive Office 929-3155
Health Care Center-Admissions 929-3513 Family Court Commissioner 929-3075
DWI & Under age Drinking 929-3555 Family Court Services 929-3404
New Outpatient Referrals 929-3565    
Outpatient Current Cases 929-3555 Golf Course-Rolling Meadows 929-3185
Billing 929-3540

Health Care Center Nursing Home

Board Administrative Office 929-3571    
Business Office 929-3542 Health Department 929-3085
Crisis Intervention 929-3535 Highway Department 929-3485
Developmental Disabilities 929-3571 Housing Authority 929-3166
Director 929-3502 Land Conservation Dept 923-5562
Medical Records 929-3559 Parks Dept 929-3135
All other Not Listed 929-3500 Planning & Zoning Office 929-3135
    Register of Deeds 939-3018
Coroner 929-3366 Rolling Meadows Nursing Hm 929-3589
County Clerk 929-3000 Senior Services 929-3114
    Sheriff’s Dept – non-emergency 929-3391
Fairgrounds – Park 929-3169 Sheriff’s Dept – Emergency 911
Fairgrounds – Pool 923-0275 Social Services 929-3400
    Surveyor 929-3165
University WI Extension Office:   Tax Listing 929-3027
4-H & Youth 929-3172 Treasurers Office 929-3010
Agriculture 929-3171    
Continuing Education 929-3170    
Family Living 929-3170    
Horticulture/Resource 929-3117    
Veterans Services Office 929-3117    
WIC 929-3104    

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